Make Your Own Snapshot

What an interesting title – ‘Snapshot’. You probably wonder what is ‘Snapshot’? That is a nice board game which almost anyone can play! And it’s really easy. Each player receives a wooden disc and set of cards which show missions that have to be accomplished. The discs which are not used (there can be 2-6 players and 2-6 used discs

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“Spider game”

  Time: 5min (one round). Recommended age: Does not matter. Size of group: 7 – 40 participants. Time for preparation: A minute for the explanation. Material/Resources: Space for the people to stand in a circle and move. Purpose: Getting to know each other, breaking the ice between people, having fun, getting into touch. Place/Location: A big space where people can move

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“Le Menteur” – “The Liar” (French)

  Time: 30 minutes. Recommended age: 7 – 99. Size of group: 4 – 10. Time for preparation: 1min. Material/Resources: one card game of 32 or 52 cards. Purpose: the winner is the first who successes to let all of his cards on the table. Place/Location: inside, with a table or on the ground. Description: The first player takes the first

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“Mensch ärgere Dich nicht” – “Man don’t get annoyed” (German)

  Time: 20 – 30 minutes. Recommended age: 6 – no limit. Size of group: 4 Players. Time for preparation: 5 minutes. Material/Resources: 16 Figures (4 of each color) and 1 dice. Purpose: Getting all 4 Figures inside the shelter first. Description: Each player has a house with 4 fields, where he/ she puts his/ her 4 figures. To move them out

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Akmentin III

“Akmentiņ, lec laukā!” – “Little stone, jump out!” (Latvia)

  Time: 15 min. Recommended age: Suitable for all age groups. Size of group: 4-8 people. Time for preparation: 2 min. Material/Resources: 1 bench, 1 little stone, motivated players. Purpose: Practice concentration and attention. Place/Location: Better outside but still great fun inside. Description: All the players, except one, are sitting in a row, with their arms hooked in each other. The

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“Akla višta” – “Blind Hen” (Lithunia)

  Time: 5 – 20 minutes. Recommended age: Not determined, but the game is more for children from 4 years. Size of group: 4 -20 people. Time for preparation: no preparation time needed. Material/Resources: scarf to serve as blindfold and enough space (it can be indoor and outdoor as well). Purpose: To notice people who surrounds a person without seeing anything.

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“Joc del Mirall” – “Mirror Game” (Spanish)

  Time: 20 – 30 min. Recommended age: 5 to 99. Size of group: 6 to 20 people. Time for preparation: / Material/Resources: / Purpose: Have fun while you let yourself act by improvisation. Place/Location: Indoor and outdoor. Description: First of all, we should separate all the participants into 2 groups.  Each group should think of a scene and represent it; the

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“Scalone” – “The big stairs” (Italy)

  Time: 10 min – 30 min Recommended age: Eight to fifteen Size of group: Two to eight Time for preparation: 20 min Material/Ressources: Chalk/adhesive tape & a little stone Purpose: Fun (and building a strong calf) Place/Location: Inside/outside Description: 1) PREPARATION: Draw the scalone field using chalk or adhesive tape as explained in the picture 1. Be sure that the

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Old Dutch game “spijkerpoepen” (nailpooping)

Spijkerpoepen (nailpooping) game was played during the Non-formal Education Day celebrated by Mirakolix together with the 12 EVS volunteers from “Inside Ride”, “Inside Journey” and “Reshape Urban Places” projects, on the 10th of October, 2014.  It was part of the national games section representing a traditional game from the Netherlands. Activity Name: Spijkerpoepen (nailpooping) Type of activity: Energizer Time: 5-15

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“Detectiv Privat” Educational Game

“Detectiv Privat” Educational Game Aim of the game The players are private detectives in pursuit of a thief that stole a precious diamond from one of the cities on the map. The goal as detective is to find out where the thief is and arrest him/her. But the players have to do it fast, because the thief will try to

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