Old Dutch game “spijkerpoepen” (nailpooping)

Spijkerpoepen (nailpooping) game was played during the Non-formal Education Day celebrated by Mirakolix together with the 12 EVS volunteers from “Inside Ride”, “Inside Journey” and “Reshape Urban Places” projects, on the 10th of October, 2014.  It was part of the national games section representing a traditional game from the Netherlands.

Activity Name: Spijkerpoepen (nailpooping)

Type of activity: Energizer

Time: 5-15 minutes

Number of participants: Between 2 and 10 people

Age of participants: 5-75 years old

Time for preparation: 5 minutes

Needed resources: Two big bottles without the screwing caps, two lines or thin ropes, two nails (or pens)

Objectives:  Participant shall forget their embarrassment, and focus on concentration, laughing.

Description:  First prepare the game. Connect the nails to the end of the lines (one nail to each line). The lines have to fit the hips of a  person and the nail is like a tail. Put the bottles on the ground with a distance of one or two meter in between them. Work in two teams. The first player of each team ties the line around his/her hips with the nail like a tail, dangling behind him/her (it is also possible to put a part of the line in the jeans). The other players count 3…2…1 and the game begins. The players with the lines try to poop the nail; to put the nail into the bottle (do not use your hands!). When it succeeds, the following team player continues the game. The team who finishes first wins the game.
To make the game (even) more challenging, the nailpooping person can be blinded with a scarf while the other team players try to explain where the nail and the bottle are.

Testimonials/Impressions:  We liked to play this, bit embarrassing, game. It does not matter how old your are, it is always fun to play it.  Furthermore, you only need a few materials to play this old Dutch game.

For more information please check this link:  Resources form Dutch game spijkerpoepen ENG

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