“Le Menteur” – “The Liar” (French)


Time: 30 minutes.

Recommended age: 7 – 99.

Size of group: 4 – 10.

Time for preparation: 1min.

Material/Resources: one card game of 32 or 52 cards.

Purpose: the winner is the first who successes to let all of his cards on the table.

Place/Location: inside, with a table or on the ground.


The first player takes the first card and puts it openly on the middle of the table, so everyone knows the color. The rest of the cards it dealt by the players. Each player is supposed to put on a card of the same color. One player starts, puts a closed card near to the open one, the next one on his left does the same and etc. When a player puts a card down, others can blame him saying “liar”. When this happens, turn the closed cards the player has put down. If it is of a different color, the player lied and has to take all the cards that are in the middle. If he put the same colored card, the player who blamed him has to take all cards. The player who lost chooses a card from his hand of cards; puts it open on the table and next round starts.


After some time you get the game by  watching the others players closely- when they lie, when it is better to lie and when it is not. So the best liar is the winner of this game.


DSC_0624  DSC_0626

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