“Spider game”


Time: 5min (one round).

Recommended age: Does not matter.

Size of group: 7 – 40 participants.

Time for preparation: A minute for the explanation.

Material/Resources: Space for the people to stand in a circle and move.

Purpose: Getting to know each other, breaking the ice between people, having fun, getting into touch.

Place/Location: A big space where people can move freely (also outside)

Description: All people are standing in a circle. There are two different versions how to proceed:

1) Everyone remembers which persons are standing left and right to them. Then everyone moves through the room by random. Then someone shouts STOP. Everyone stays where he/she is and looks for the persons that stood next to him/her before. They try to catch hands again – without moving! The right hand to the person that stood on the right side before, the left hand to the person that stood on the left side before. Then everyone tries to restore the circle by moving, climbing over arms, turning and so on. Of course the hands are not allowed to be released. When the circle is restored, the game is finished the next round can be done.

2) Everyone stand in a circle. Then everyone moves forward at the some tome. When the shoulders are touching, the players close their eyes, stretch out the arms and try to catch a hand. Then everyone can open the eyes and the circle can be restored (see 1).

Testimonials/Impressions: The spider game is much fun. First, it helps to break the ice between the people. They have to touch each other and to collaborate. Second, touching hands creates a kind of closeness and remembers every participant that every person is member of the group.



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