Milda Kaklauskaitė – Lituania

I am a Lithuanian girl, whose name is Milda. I am 23 years old (this is the very right time to do something extraordinary). What about me? I am from small town in the eastern part of Lithuania, surounded by the beautiful lakes, elegant lakes and dark forests. After finishing school I went to Vilnius University to study political science

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Kristine Krieger – Danemarca

I’m Kristine Krieger. I’m a 21-year-old girl from Denmark, who loves to travel, experience new countries, cultures and people. WHY? Because beside finding it as a way to learn to throw away prejudice and see the countries and people for who they are, you learn about yourself, your values, your standards and your own country, cultures and traditions. For me

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Kathrin Schmitz – Germania

I am 20 years old,  am from Germany and I just graduated from school last year (2013). In my free time I usually like to do sports like volleyball. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after school, what I wanted from live and what I wanted to study or where and I’m still hoping to discover more

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coen 20130827

Coen de Jong – Olanda

Let me introduce myself real quick. I’m Coen from The Netherlands, a 26 years old communications & multimedia specialist and in Romania for 1 year to participate in EVS. One of the most asked questions is “why EVS?”, followed by “why Romania?”. I’ll try to explain it a little. My primary motivation is about getting to know other fields of

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Michal Kunert – Cehia

My name is Michal Kunert, I am 26 years old and I am from Czech republic. I did study Faculty of Science at the Charles University in Pragues. My main field was Chemistry in environment. After studies I didn´t want to go to work and because I like environment, nature, meeting new people, hiking, riding motorbike, mountain biking and working

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Maria Frias Corrius – Catalunia

I am Maria and I am 24. I’m really passionate of the nature, the natural things, laughing and trying to be always in a joke mood, working and doing things with my hands. I discovered 4 years ago the natural ceramic and I started to go to one school to learn it. I think this is what I want to

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Peter Abildgaard Joergensen – Danemarca

It all started in a country far far away. Or, of course it actually started right here in Denmark.  I sat out as a young, naive and hopeful Dane with the ambition to change the world by volunteering in the very heart of Romania, better know as Draculas mastery – Transylvania. As any other fairy-tale there where brave friends to

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Ieva Lange – Letonia

I am Ieva from Latvia, and I was part of Mirakolix first EVS volunteer team for the project Play Your Way in 2012/2013, one of the funniest volunteering projects I’ve ever heard of. Doing EVS was a way for me to take a break from anthropology studies, and 9 months with Mirakolix turned out to be great – I met

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Helene Nozon – Germania

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Gary Delepine – Franța

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