Maria Frias Corrius – Catalunia

I am Maria and I am 24. I’m really passionate of the nature, the natural things, laughing and trying to be always in a joke mood, working and doing things with my hands. I discovered 4 years ago the natural ceramic and I started to go to one school to learn it. I think this is what I want to work on when I “grow up”… :)    I used to be a volunteer for five years in Barcelona every weekend with kids doing some activities with non-formal education. We also used to go two weeks with all of them on summer to the nature for finishing the year. I really loved to do this!

I decided to be a volunteer on an EVS project because I wanted to work with non-formal education in a different way and in a different country which I am used to, I wanted to meet new people, improve my knowledge in languages, I wanted to expose myself in new adventures and situations and see how I was reacting… Actually, I had a lot of reasons.  When I saw it was in Romania I was even more excited, I met a girl from Brașov last year and she was talking about Romania in a really and special nice way. This was the opposite view that a lot of people from my country have from Romania and that made my desire to come here was growing and growing and finally I found the perfect way to do it!

I finished Physics and when I read the Science Playground project I thought: “I’d love to go there! It is mixing everything I am expecting!”, and finally I could come.

My first impressions about Romania are not disappointing me at all! I came with on winter, it supposed to be awful for me but luckily it was not so bad! I really loved snow; built a weird “omul de zapadă” (it was my first one in 24 years!!) and a lot of new experiences we are living together with the other volunteers and coordinators!

I really hope the next 6 months will be amazing! La revedere!


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