Michal Kunert – Cehia

My name is Michal Kunert, I am 26 years old and I am from Czech republic. I did study Faculty of Science at the Charles University in Pragues. My main field was Chemistry in environment. After studies I didn´t want to go to work and because I like environment, nature, meeting new people, hiking, riding motorbike, mountain biking and working with children I found EVS project which fits me. I was looking for on database and I found project in Romania in Brasov. I searched on the internet and I found out interesting informations about beautiful city of Brasov. I love mountain biking and in this project is possibility to create routes for bikes, I also love to work with children and we are working at schools so I decided very quickly. After EVS I would like to leave some positive things and work behind – make a route which will be used by locals or tourist, teach children something usefull and also learn something new and get some experiences for my future life. I am not sure about myself what I am going to do when project will be over. I might stay little bit more in Romania or I will go to another part of the world. This answer is written somewhere in the stars..


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