Mancas Andrei – EVS experience in and Cyprus, Lysos and Dijon, France

The road to Alter-Ego     In that sunny white winter, Alexander climbed the mountain for the last time. He’d had to leave soon. This was his good-bye to those such wonderful mountains and green forests, familiar places, friends and family… his old life and old thoughts.  After three months on the road, backpacking through all the Europe, he’d be on the

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IJ_Mirco_testimonial despre proiect

Proiectul SEV al lui Mirco- INSIDE JOURNEY

In the first period we got to know  each other and with the Romanian culture; in this period we also had the chance to have several brainstormings where everyone could express his/her own ideas for the project development. The second step was selecting the fitting ideas and search for a way to promote them; that field was fitting my graphic

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Veronica – Spania (Catalonia)

Vero. 26 years old. Spain. Although I was born in Barcelona, I feel a citizen of the world, perhaps because I have been living also in Belgium and China. I did an Erasmus programme in Antwerpen, Belgium for a semester, and an intensive 3-weeks English course in Dublin. I have also been living and working in China for almost 2 years, where

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My EVS experience – Vero (Spain/Catalonia)

 My EVS – Vero It’s only few days since I came back to Barcelona after my 12-months EVS project called “Inside Journey” which took place in Braşov. At the beginning we were 4 international volunteers from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Catalonia, although for different reasons we lost some members on the way. To be honest, when I landed in

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Thomas van Uden – Olanda

I lived on Strada Maior Cranta, Brasov, in the Mirakolix volunteers home on the 4th floor. My name is Thomas, I am 27 years old. In the morning after brushing my teeth, checking my mail and playing some online chess, I refrain from having a breakfast because I seldom feel hungry in the morning. In the shower I use a

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Maija Skripste – Letonia

If there is one thing that EVS has taught me for sure, it’s that you maybe can be so proud to think that you haven’t set any expectations for yourself, but you will soon learn that it’s impossible. And what do you do when you don’t get what you expected? Well, you either cry for something else… or you take

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Daniel Hofmann – Germania

The European voluntary service has been a great experience for me and I am very happy about the decision to come to Romania and discover this to me unknown country. We started with settling and getting comfortable in our new home, new to all of us international volunteers. Discovering Brasov and its surroundings already made me aware of the impressing

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Grytine Twijnstra – Olanda

Different reasons made me chose for doing an EVS project. My study International Development was too broad, I wanted to discover in another way what I like to do, and I was eager to experience living abroad. These reasons led to one idea, to spend some time in another country while being useful, which came together in an EVS project.

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Egle Udraite – Lituania

The main reason for me to do volunteering was to live for a year in the other country. I was after my university studies, I felt, that it is the time to go to unknown country and face there whatever is going to be there. I thought – adventure is coming. And indeed, it had the full setting for adventure

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Remi Almodt – Germania

For me, the EVS was the perfect combination of contributing, with what I already know and learning new skills and putting them directly into practise. The whole year was an ongoing learning process, on a professional and a private level. As I mentioned, I could share and gain knowledge on social/ youth work, improve my level in English language and

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