Maija Skripste – Letonia

If there is one thing that EVS has taught me for sure, it’s that you maybe can be so proud to think that you haven’t set any expectations for yourself, but you will soon learn that it’s impossible. And what do you do when you don’t get what you expected? Well, you either cry for something else… or you take it as it comes. I think now that I was not so smart in the beginning to take it as it comes and I felt sometimes that I’m being blocked, slowed down, that things are not happening as fast as I would like. Also, living together with seven more people felt like I have left my family for 11 months just to get instead even bigger and more unbareable version of it. Some days when I had a feeling that the activities were not carried out so well, I asked myself why I decided to take a year off from university… But then there were those days when everything went better that I had expected and I felt like I can do whatever in this life and be successful with it and that doing EVS is totally worth it! Well, to keep it short, EVS is like life with it’s ups and downs.. It only takes place somewhere else.

Sounds depressive? No, it’s not. EVS gave me an opportunity to work with youngsters and I discovered that I like it. I had work in office and I had work with people, and I discovered that I like it. It gave me opportunity to hike in mountains and travel around, and I discovered that I like it. It also gave me opportunity to learn a bit of new language, and I like that one as well.­

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