Daniel Hofmann – Germania

The European voluntary service has been a great experience for me and I am very happy about the decision to come to Romania and discover this to me unknown country. We started with settling and getting comfortable in our new home, new to all of us international volunteers. Discovering Brasov and its surroundings already made me aware of the impressing beauty of the place where we were going to spend the next 11 months. I quickly realized that I enjoy living together with the other volunteers, sharing consciously and unconsciously our cultures, languages and personalities. This made it much easier to find my place here in a new country and environment, far away from family, friends or everyday life in Germany. Soon, we started to also get to know our project environment, a smaller town called Intorsura Buzaului near Brasov. Working here with teenagers and children of different age groups taught me a lot of flexibility and an open attitude. It was great for me to discover differences and similarities between the people and conditions in a big city like Brasov compared to a remote town. I got the feeling to really grasp life reality in my host country with its many different facets. The time flew with our regular activities and when it got warmer and warmer and the days longer, it was time to think more about another aim that we as volunteers had set ourselves: to organize a summer festival with the name Ceva de Vara. This moment of working together with all 9 volunteers demanded a lot of structure and communication among each other but after the long preparation phase, we all could see the result, curious and happy people, giving our activities a go and experiencing a new kind of spending leisure time for them. With this in mind, I can happily prepare myself to leave after 11 incredibly eventful and perspective-changing months. I had the possibility to discover and experience situations which give me more self-confidence and plenty of new ideas for what there is to come in my future.

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