Grytine Twijnstra – Olanda

Different reasons made me chose for doing an EVS project. My study International Development was too broad, I wanted to discover in another way what I like to do, and I was eager to experience living abroad. These reasons led to one idea, to spend some time in another country while being useful, which came together in an EVS project. Eastern Europe had my preference and after different applications it turned out I would participate in a project of the organization Mirakolix in Braşov, Romania. I expected to dive into the unknown, to get to know a new country and new people, and to learn a lot about myself and others. I also expected to improve my English and organizational skills. Surely my expectations became true, and even more. I am really glad that I chose to do this
adventure, and it taught me a lot. I became more aware of myself and others and I know better know what I like to do. I also became more confident which gives me a lot of courage and energy for new ideas back in the Netherlands. Besides fulfilling most of my learning goals I met a lot of different people, heard various stories, did new things, experienced unknown places. The speed of discovering in a new country and surrounding is amazingly high, which is both confronting and inspiring. Even these difficult moments are part of the adventure, which makes you more mature.
In conclusion, beforehand I didn’t know how exactly the adventure would be, but I knew I was ready for it. I experienced this year with all my senses. I have been through difficult moments but mostly I really enjoyed my time here. This adventure led to a better awareness of myself and others, and I am grateful for this experience.

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