Remi Almodt – Germania

For me, the EVS was the perfect combination of contributing, with what I already know and learning new skills and putting them directly into practise. The whole year was an ongoing learning process, on a professional and a private level.
As I mentioned, I could share and gain knowledge on social/ youth work, improve my level in English language and learn a new language (Romanian). I had the chance to work with different target groups in different situations, which also taught me something on the social, interactive level. But also as a person, the EVS was an amazing opportunity. Coming to another country and live here for 11 months with a completely new surrounding and people lets you grow a lot. You have the chance to reflect and see the situation which you had before and might have after again in a
completely new way. The life in EVS gives you this opportunity and also the chance, to travel and see more than just the city where you are working. Also traveling and the ways how to travel were good teachers for me, to appreciate on the one hand the small things during each day and on the other hand, the situation I had and have in my home country. And in a third way, it also made me discover my passion and appreciation for Romania. I did youth work before but EVS helped me, to gain new creativity and approaches in the field of non-formal education and I am sure that the experiences made here will be useful for my future working process.
All in all I can say, that I am proud of myself, to have made the decision to come to Romania, work with Mirakolix, stay with the other 11 amazing people and discover a part of the world and things about myself.

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