Ina Rossmann – Germania

My decision to do EVS was determined by the wish to experience a restart in a strange country that I have little knowledge of and to work in a field inexperienced to me. It was a leap into the unknown – and what I found there exceeded all expectations.

Facing the challenges that come with living in a new place with strange culture, traditions and habits as well as the close contact with your work colleagues that also happen to be your flatmates stimulated my personal development strongly. I learned to embrace differences in culture, beliefs and opinions as they broaden my horizon and teach me tolerance.

My pool of experience gained great qualities from the honeymoon of the first two, three month where everything was shiny and fun as well as it did from the demotivating phase that followed after it. Suddenly I began to notice that work was not as enjoyable as I imagined it and first frictions with my colleagues appeared. It was encouraging to go through these times and to discover how lucky I consider myself with the people that surround my life here and the job I accomplish. My relationship with my colleagues and flatmates grew closer in that time and I learned to admire and appreciate them strongly. Also my coordinators are persons I emboss and look up to as they are the ones that taught me what it means to pursue a project with all the energy because they believe in it.

With these inspiring people at my side and a new world to be discovered, this year shaped my identity and the way I want to live my life fundamentally and permanently.

To put it briefly: EVS was like opting for the 3-star option but getting something that goes beyond the scope of all-inclusive.

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