Pierre Marquet – Franţa

EVS was a wonderful experience even if it was not my first experience in Romania and abroad. I left one more year my family and friends for a year of volunteering ! I arrived in Brasov, an unknown city for me. Very peaceful and beautiful town. After one month the winter was arleady coming, also something completely new, a harsch and white winter but fortunately the team was getting along togethet while we were learning to know each other. The beginning of 2015 was more difficult, two volunteers decided to quit, another follow two months later. But my project team is still complete and I had to experience lot of new things , they teached lot of stuffs about handcrafts objects, re-use old objects to make yourself new items. Then the spring and summer came finally, and the nice weather with. And with the solidarity between EVS volunteers and the generosity of romanians I discovered even more this country !

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