Peter Abildgaard Joergensen – Danemarca

It all started in a country far far away. Or, of course it actually started right here in Denmark.  I sat out as a young, naive and hopeful Dane with the ambition to change the world by volunteering in the very heart of Romania, better know as Draculas mastery – Transylvania. As any other fairy-tale there where brave friends to help overcoming the challenges that where rising; tongue-twisting language, unknown culture and traditions and finally a lot of games to be learned (just to mention a few).  Together the friends overcame the challenges and with some tribulation we succeed – not in changing the world – but in making a small difference for some children, making close friends among a lot of nationalities and expanding our horizons. I came home to Denmark – slightly less naive, a bit older and still as hopeful as ever before!

Now, a year after the fairy-tale had its happy end – I have a unique and special relationship to Romania. And I always will have – that is absolute certain.

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