Kristine Krieger – Danemarca

I’m Kristine Krieger. I’m a 21-year-old girl from Denmark, who loves to travel, experience new countries, cultures and people. WHY? Because beside finding it as a way to learn to throw away prejudice and see the countries and people for who they are, you learn about yourself, your values, your standards and your own country, cultures and traditions.

For me the last couple of years have already been an adventure, but I believe that the next 7 months in Romania would be even more challenging and be changing me both personal and social, while doing something I like. At least my earlier experience has taught me that if you doesn’t try to follow your ideas, put your self on the line and take chances, you are denying yourself the greatest joy and adventures in fear of failing or a possible disappointment. So I took the chance and applied for a project in a country I absolutely knew nothing about.

When it comes down to the project Science Playground, it is perfect for me and it is the main reason I applied.  I love how everything around us can be connected with science and how to work with children on different topics through non-formal activities. Even though it from time to time is challenging since it’s so different from everything I have done so far.

But in the end I am really looking forward to see how it will go and really happy that I took the chance and choose this project. .





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