Impressions from the festival CEVA DE VARĂ, 18-19th of July 2015

Also this year ”CEVA DE VARĂ” was something ….different! 

If you would like to have an overview about the summer festival days which we spent in the area of the former camping from Întorsura Buzăului, we kindly invite you for a trip through the different festival areas:

Info Point Area: just entering the festival area, and in both sides, you could find an info-point where you could have a look of the sort of the festival concepts, of activities we were having and their schedules. The guests were welcomed with volunteer smiles, but also with nice bags and sacks made by the festival volunteers.

Contest Area: on Saturday there was an orienteering contest through the forest nearby the festival area, and on Sunday there was a 10 km bike race and a bike parkour for kids.  

On the first festival day, more then 70 participants registered for the orienteering race. Because the number was more then expected we organized 2 rounds. 30 teams took part at the orienteering race and received information about the race rules from our most passionate and involved volunteer: Rareș from Întorsura Buzăului. After solving a Tangram the participants hurried up to start the contest in the forrest. After a couple of contest hours we saw a lot of smiles of those who enjoyed the sunny summer day in the forrest shadow.

On Sunday it was the bike day! The children had the chance to take part at a obstacle parkour organized by the Police from Covsna County (IPJ Covasna). At the bike contest for adults we had 39 participants from different regions from Romania: Brașov, Ploiești, Deva, Brăila., București. The bike race was organized together with our partners from Carpathian MTB Trails, to whom we are really thankful.

Playing Area: was the area, where festival guests could enjoy what is most important for our NGO: games and playing. There were board games, belly slide, storytelling contest, a parkour with little active games, live-size board-games etc.

Thank you Lex hobby Store for supporting us with games which were tested in this area and Red Goblin for the nice Story Cubes price, which went to the winner of the creative storywriting contest.

The workshop area was colourful, including diverse activities from handmade jewelries to music and workin` out sessions. In that area we combined both creative and active workshops, such as creativity workshop, recycling, stamps, mandala and origami, creating jewellery, printing T-shirt and bags… on the one hand, and workout and archery on the other hand.

In the adventure area we brought a small adventure park to the festival and we could cross the festival with a zip-line, climb a tower of beer boxes until touch the sky, cross a zone full of lasers like Lara Croft in Tomb Rider, and also maintain the balance on the slack-line. The atmosphere which was appreciated by all the festival guests was realized by the extraordinary team from the NGO GEST Predeal coordinated by Marian Palu. Thank you Marian and GEST Predeal!!!!

Relaxing area: hammocks, seats made of hay, more slack-lines, face painting, story writing… but this is not the only thing you could find there, but also a traditional oven for baking pizza and a really cool drumming-jam session.

As a balance to the hot and strenuous festival days we prepared a relaxing place, where the guests could have a rest on hammocks, hay stacks and on seats made from tires. Nevertheless festival guests enjoyed picture and drawing exhibitions containing impressions from our projects during the last year. And because relaxing can be easily linked to cooking, everybody had the chance to see how tasty a pizza baked in a clay oven can be. Many thanks to  Adi&Roxana Cârmaciu, who built this oven special for the festival. In the evening this area was the special home of the film screenings organized by the NGO from Cluj Cinemobilul.

The Ceva de Vară Stage combined folklore with today`s musical tendencies. On Saturday the programme started with an open stage for young artists from Întorsura Buzăului and Brașov.  Traditional vibrations and contemporary dance were performed by Ondrej Kano Landa and Fukiko Kano (Offcompany), a Czech musician and a Japanese dancer, who share their passion for travelling and transferre this into an audio and visual performance.  After them Petra Acker, a local artist, brought the hole audience into action. The drums, the Neo-Soul and jazz mixture created a groove, which was loved by all the age groups. Kids, parents, young people and even seniors were dancing and singing. The night became more amazing thanks to the harmonic mix of Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Breaks and Dumandbass played by  Treipic Breaks&Pietonu exclusively from vinyl. On Sunday the festival atmosphere was again warm, but also energetic. The stage started with a concert af the cover-band Acustica from Braşov, then Treipic Breaks&Pietonu prepared an electronic intro for the Romanian folklore songs mixed by Argatu’ with Hip-Hop. Flavius Hosu (the drummer from Phoenix) originary from Întorsura Buzăului delighted the guests with an extraordinary drumming session. Andrei Brumboiu from Cluj amazed us with a fire juggling, which prepared the last concert of the evening. The electric vibrations associated with Alizarina`s (France) clarinet ended the 2 days festival.

Impresions from volunteers and guests  ”A fost un alt fel de festival…pentru că a fost un mix de tineri, copii, adulți veniți din diferite părți ale României. Nu doar tineri și muzică. Copiii s-au bucurat toată ziua de activități, iar noi mai ales seara de concerte. Și cumva toți erau prietenoși, povesteau deși nu se cunoșteau.” (Roxana, Brașov) ”chiar a fost ceva frumos si mi-a facut mare placere sa fac parte din asta” (Andrei, Cluj-Napoca)  ”Ceva de Vara is “something” that our town needs, but I’ve never expected to be a beautiful and full of life event and to be welcomed in such a friendly way. [...] I saw united people who did wonders in and for a week, I saw people who just met but they appeared to be best friends, I saw people from a significant cultural diversity working for the same aim and exchanging opinions and experiences. I guess this was the real purpose of the festival and all of us achieved it! Yeiiiiiiiii! [...] I am thankful to people that showed me another face of Intorsura, people that gave another face to volunteering and also to people that proved me the fact that you can do a lot of things from basic materials and a dash of creativity.” (Teodora, Întorsura Buzăului)
Thanks to all the local volunteers for your help as without your support that festival wouldn’t have been the same!

Organizers & Financers: The festival „CEVA DE VARĂ 2015” was organized by the NGO Mirakolix as part of the projects „Inside Journey”, „Inside Ride” and „Reshape Urban Places” co-financed with the support of UAT Oraș Întorsura Buzăului and that of the European Comission through the programme Erasmus+, Action Key 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals  (European Voluntary Service). This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 

Parteners of the event: Association GEST Predeal, Association Carpathian MTB Trails Brașov,”Muzeul Național al Carpaților Răsăriteni”from  Sfântu Gheorghe, Association Cinemobilul, IPJ Covasna, The European Nature Trust, Association Eroii Veacurilor Apuse Brașov, Association Tao Tango Brașov, Jongleur Andrei Brumboiu, Adi&Roxana Cârmaciu, Offcompany, Centrul de voluntariat Cluj Napoca, Restaurant Pasul Buzăului.

Sponsors: Walmark, SC Mizadi SRL Întorsura Buzăului, Lex hobby StoreRed Goblin

Donors and supporters: Maria Corrius Frias, Iveta Skripste, Daniel Peral Gálvez, Angela Gálvez Lahuerta, Eriks Skripsts

Media parteners: Observatorul de Covasna, 24 Fun, Iubesc Brașovul, I love Brasov, Festivaluri Românești, România Pozitivă, Gratuitor, The Fest,

Thank you all for trusting in us, for your energy, enthusiasm, support and involvement!


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