Impressions Tabara Ceva de Vara

During the week before the festival CEVA DE VARA, that is, from the 14th to the 17th of July, 2015, it took place a static camp in Acriș, nearby Întorsura Buzăului, where CEVA DE VARA was held. The main aim was to create a group who would take care of the area of the festival and the activities, doing some active team-building activities outdoor and discovering the surroundings while meeting other youngsters from Brasov, Întorsura Buzăului and Predeal, and sharing a nice experience. Also, we would settle the area of the festival and take care of the decoration.



The idea was to “work” during the morning and, if the work to be done by the day was finished as expected, then do some funny activities during the afternoon, such as testing the Adventure Area, printing the t-shirts for all the volunteers of Ceva de Vara with a new artistic technique, slacklining, playing board-games… Things changed a little bit, as we realized that there was a lot of work to do, lot of signs and arrows to make, donation boxes to build, stands to create and three white sheets to decorate for the stage, and we didn’t have some of the material needed, but by working all in one as a team we could manage and the result of the work was more than amazing.

Also, during the late-afternoons we could enjoy some time of slack-lining, play some board-games, have nice talks with the others and comment the fact of being invaded by cows.

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And during the evenings, after a long day, there was a jam-session around a bon-fire and we could enjoy the cozy atmosphere under the stars singing until late night.


In order to divide more efficiently the tasks to be done, and that all the youngsters could participate in all the tasks, the first day we made three teams (food, working, decoration & arrange the field), and everyday we were changing from team to team. However, the last day, as there was still lot of decoration to make and to do so we needed some platforms of wood with a specific measurements, we re-structured the teams of the tasks, although we were all together in the same place working.

IMG_1436 IMG_1447 11745476_947179821971705_8667801144878154044_n IMG_1484 IMG_1485             IMG_1442

On Friday the 17th of July, we moved to Întorsura Buzăului to settle the area for the festival Ceva de Vara (clean the field, build the adventure area, put all the signs, etc.). We carried all the material crossing the river to the other side, and we left behind us the field were lot of friendships were built in really few but intensive and amazing days.


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Pictures (C) Rares Nesa, Teodora Ungureanu

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