Last year “Mira’kologic” was brought into being, a small eco campaign to raise environmental awareness. As our organisation is always eager to keep an environment-friendly attitude the first “ceva de vara” festival was the perfect possibility to involve that mentality.

This year we pick up the idea of “Mira’kologic” again. Many want to do something for their environment without knowing how or simply are not aware of their own impact. To develop that awareness the campaign aims to involve people actively by providing them with useful information and tips to integrate an eco-friendly outlook in your everyday life.

These tips will include different topics such as water and water saving, forests, food and waste. Next to this, info graphics and statistics will explain the necessary background information in an accessible way. It is important to motivate an active commitment and at the same time stress the urgency of reducing the damage we are causing to our planet.

To demonstrate how various and easy this can be done, we organize a recycling workshop at the second edition of Ceva de Vara. Recycling is not necessarily about decoration but can result in very useful purposes which not only help you saving money but moreover have a good impact on your environment.

More information is given in our blog, where weekly posts keep you updated about how we can save this marvelous planet.

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