EVS de poveste: the story of international volunteers

Summer is coming to the end, as the projects Inside Journey, Inside Ride and Reshape Urban Places.

That means that the international volunteers are about to leave, but before that we want to do a summary of what has happended during these 11 months in Romania, but in a playful way, following the essence of all Mirakolix activities.

On the 24th of August, at 16.00h, we are meeting at Centrul Civic park in our event “Afara in parc intr-un Brasov de poveste – Taramul povestilor: povestea voluntarilor internationali”. There you will be able to continue the series of “Brasov de poveste” events that we already had in the last months and go through the lands that represent our volunteering stage, since our arrival in October until the festival Ceva de Vara hold in Intorsura Buzaului thanks to the help of local volunteers from Brasov and Intorsura.

In every land, which represents a stage of our volunteering or one of the projects, there will be some pictures of the different activities we have been doing these months, and also some challenges to overcome and be able to jump to the next land.

Bring some courage and be ready for surprises!

PS: All the activities offered will be for free.

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