Un alt Weekend Diferit

Do you remember when we told you about ‘Un Weekend Diferit’? Didn’t it sound like a very beautiful event? We thought so! Therefore, we decided to make another weekend like this.

On 29th of May many Întorsura youngsters came to play some board games with us! We were sitting outside and enjoying the springtime until it got too cold and too dark to play outside. After we moved in Bar Montana (La Chinezu’) rooms to play MORE!

Youngsters learned games like Sushozck im Gockelwock, Jenga, Kakerlaken Suppe, Hyano, Om Nom Nom and many others.  Did we hear someone asking if there is going to be another event like this?

Next morning a bit tired from playing games until late evening we met again in front of Mircea Eliade high school to go on a hike. This time we were a small group.

We discovered the Camping where Ceva de Vară festival will take place this summer and afterwards we moved on through forests and meadows. At some point we stopped to gain some new friends (trees) in the forest. How do you do that? You just have to touch the tree, smell it and taste it if you wish and you will remember the tree forever!

We sat down on a hill  in a shadow of a tree to have a picnic and a nice view to Sita Buzăului  and afterwards took another way back to Intorsura Buzăului (thanks to our guide Rareș!)

Next time we’ll pick some forest berries!

Authors of pictures: Daniel Hofmann, Rareș Neșa

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