During the week before the festival CEVA DE VARA, that is, from the 14th to the 17th of July, 2015, will take place a static camp in Acriș, nearby Întorsura Buzăului, where CEVA DE VARA will be held. The main aim is to create a group who will take care of the area of the festival and the activities, doing some active team-building activities outdoor and discovering the surroundings while meeting other youngsters from Brasov, Predeal and Întorsura Buzăului, and sharing a nice experience.

Also, we will settle the area of the festival and take care of the decoration. The idea is to “work” during the morning and, if the work to be done by the day is finished as expected, then do some funny activities during the afternoon, such as testing the Adventure Area, printing the t-shirts for all the volunteers of Ceva de Vara with a new artistic technique, slacklining, playing board-games… During the evenings there will be jam-session around a bon-fire (which should be checked during the night following a schedule).

In order to divide more efficiently the tasks to be done, and that all the youngsters could participate in all the tasks, the first day we will make three teams (food, working, decoration & arrange the field), and everyday they will change from team to team.

As not all the volunteers can be in the camp (there will be also other things to prepare besides the ones on the field), there will be a selection of 10 youngsters from Brasov and 10 youngsters from Întorsura Buzăului.

So, if you would like to join the camp, contact Eglé and Vero for more information. We will have a meeting to know you better, how you can contribute in the camp, see your interests, etc.

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