Workout Workshops 2014-2015 – Inside Journey project


Starting with November 2014 Mirco Greselin from Italy coordinated a weekly work out, in order to show young people from Brasov how funny training can be. The workshops were developed in the frame of the EVS project Inside Journey, in which Mirco volunteered for 10 month.

Workshop objectives
-        Improve self-confidence, getting aware and know the own body
-        Getting strong(-er)
-        Overcome personal obstacles
-        Having fun together
-        Start to think about good habits and healthy living

Target audience
-        Youngsters interested in sports
-        Youngsters who are afraid to do sports
-        Youngsters who do not feel comfortable with their body, who feel week and are afraid/do not know how to start being sportively active

Description of the event/of the activities
-        10min warm-up, chatting
-        5min Explanation of exercises
-        16-20min of exercises, wok-out
-        5-10min cool-down
-        Evaluation

-        AFAP, TABATA, 90/30, 4/1, AMRAP, EMOTM
-        Using HIIT (high intensity interval training) the attendants have to deal every time with a different training approach, so they’re outside their “comfort zone” and they have to sweat in order to overcome the obstacles they have(or pretend to have). To terminate a workout of this kind you need to attain at the orders of the trainer, even if  they seem too much for you (and it raises discipline of course). After finishing a workout of course you feel satisfied of the good job you’ve done, so your self esteem raises, as well of the awareness of what you can really do.

Workout Strength WORKSHOPS

Starting with February 2015 Mirco from Italy launched once a week a 1.30 h strength workout for young people from Brașov.

The workshops were guided by Pavel Tsatsouline`s training recommendation and included series with max 5 reps and 2-3 min of recovery. Mirco integrated also the Ross Enamait suggestions regarding the isometric work, as well as some calisthenics movements.

The workout aimed to show the real limits of the body of participants and constantly challenge them, to raise self-awareness and also get in touch with their/our own “machine”.

During the recovery periods between sets, Mirco explained some of his knowledge’s about training and discussed with the attendants about how they felt.

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