Ceva de Vară 2015

The sun already arrived at Brasov, and we can feel that summer is really close.

Then, why not having a full weekend festival and having a great time?

This year we are going further and instead of just one day festival, we have decided to organize it during the all weekend, starting on Friday evening. The festival will take place in Întorsura Buzăului, where one of the projects, Inside Ride, is going to do different activities with the kids and teenagers.

The idea of the festival is to bring also a part of Brasov there, where Inside Journey and Reshape Urban Places use to host sort of activities and workshops.



We have lots of activities in mind, which will be located in the following areas:

* Contest Area: bike race, bike parkour for kids, orienteering

* Playing Area: board games, belly slide, storytelling contest, parcour with little active games, live-size Catan

* Workshop Area: creativity workshop, recycling, face painting, workout…

* Adventure Area: zip-line, tower with beer boxes, lasers, monkey bridge, slack-line

* Stage: street art and concerts

* Camping Area: as the festival will run during the all weekend, there will be an area where to pitch a tent, with small campfires


Covasna County, Întorsura Buzăului , Str. Campingului, Camping area


From the 17th to the 19th of July 2015.

In order to make this festival possible, we appreciate any contribution you can offer, as being a volunteer preparing Ceva de Vara and during the activities, or as becoming a partner, or even donating through our crowdfunding platform.

For further information, keep update through our website and our Facebook page.

Join the event here!

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