Leaderboat- resonance leadership as a way for social inclusion

How can you spend one week from your life?

Sometimes an Erasmus+ training can be an very inspiring and inspired choice.

This is why you can read here few things about  Leaderboat-  Resonance Leadership training that took place in Lodz, maybe you will get inspired too.

So what did we do during a week?

We put hard words like “emotional maturity”, “self-awareness”, “empathy” into stories shared

11081471_654735287965477_8590531293153804189_n deep searching for the inner self

11080930_654734877965518_7933851519117203326_nand creative expressions of the things discovered. 11069615_287782591345964_6145377584653268871_nAnd all this, for becoming better leaders, or just better people, that can inspire around them information sharing, trust, healthy risk-taking and learning.

“Leaderboat- resonance leadership as a way for social inclusion” was a six day international training course designed like a space for youth workers to develop skills and competencies in resonance leadership, a leadership based on developing emotional intelligence behaviors.

Location: Lodz, Poland

Dates: 22-27 of March 2015

Participants: 16 participants from Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.


The training was organized by Biosynergia organization, with the support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme.


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