Braşov de poveste – Outside in the park in a fairytale city

Between May and August 2015, Mirakolix presents “Braşov de poveste”. Through different outdoor activities and workshops, we’ll create a fairytale which will bring us to the festival Ceva de Vara.

There will be one installation in which you can experience with all your senses a fairytale and five different fairytale lands with diverse activities. The fairytale lands are designed as steps to create our own story with the participation of the citizens of Brasov, regardless their age, since the activities will be suitable for kids, youngsters and adults as well.

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28th of May- Releasing event, Parcul Trandafirilor

In the afternoon, when the sun is not that strong anymore, starting with 5 pm we gathered in Parcul Trandafirilor for a preamble to the 5 lands we imagined for our fairytale. We were waiting for you with different challenges (slackline, moonhooper), with artisans ready to show you easy techniques for decorating t-shirts, with big and smaller games (Tactile Discs, Zicke Zacke, Cockroach), with stories about Ceva de Vara festival, and with an open invitation to participate in creating together an urban installation

The next events will allow us a more detailed exploration of each land.

 “Craftmen region”

As its name indicates, in this land people will have the chance to learn to do things by themselves, create whatever they want, as we, Mirakolix and the volunteers, are doing to make our idea of the festival become true. Thus, we will show a small part of what the festival Ceva de Vara will be about by doing some face painting and asking people to be part in printing on T-shirts, making cute and colourful brooches, as well as some other accessories and traditional crafts from far away countries, or even posing as a models for photo shooting sessions after the face painting.

“Evidence of fire land

We will reach further the “Evidence of fire land”. Through different adventure leisure activities the main characters of the story, that is, the citizens of Brasov, will accomplish tought tasks, such as walking on slack-lines, beating the competitors in a bike race, solving some riddles and doing some workout.

“Game land

In the third land, the “Game land”,  people from all ages, doesn’t matter if they are 8, 18 or 80, will have the chance to play different kind of memory games, construction games, life-size boardgames, and to try slacklines, moonhoopers/pogosticks, as through playing you can learn many new things and there is no limited age to learn.

“Art land

 We’ll then arrive at the “Art land”, where we’ll decorate the park with colorful lanters while listening to acoustic music; also the urban art will be reflected with being photographed with a non-usual but nice backgrounds.

“Story land

And last, but not least, we invite you to the “Story land”, where you’ll have the chance to know the stories of enthusiasts and active people who fulfill their passions and share them with others. We also expect you to share with us stories about beautiful people and places.

The participation in all the activities and events is for free. Donations are welcome.

The events are co-financed with support from the European Commission through the programme Erasmus+, Action Key 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals  (European Voluntary Service) and from the contributions fundraised during the event ”Cercul de donatori – Donors Circle” organised by the Community Foundation Brașov in March 2015. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

See below some pictures about the events.

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