„Inside Ride” project will take place in Brasov, between 01.08.2014 and 31.11.2015.

During 11 month in this period, 4 international volunteers coming from the Netherlands, Latvia and Germany will work together with the organization members, local volunteers and local youth workers to inspire an „inside” journey: in the local communities, and inside themselves, for self-development and self-awareness.

The activities from the project will be centered around promoting the involvement of local young people in different activities (cultural activities, outdoor activities, volunteering, campaigns etc), promoting alternative leisure activities in the nature (e.g. using adventure education methods), implementing environmental friendly activities (delivering information about the local natural and cultural richness, workshops on ecological topics etc.) and developing the knowledge and skills of local young people in order to be able and enjoy doing and/or organizing such activities besides school (through language cafes, graphic or computer workshops, team-games etc.)

Moreover, the project aims at developing a proper environment for the volunteers involved to learn and discover new things about themselves and about different cultures, and to integrate this elements in an individualized self-development process.


A. Increasing the access to diverse non-­‐formal educational opportunities for children and youngsters from rural and urban communities:

  • Organizing weekly activities in a primary school for Rroma children;
  • Implementing weekly activities based on adventure/ experiential education for youngsters from poor urban communities;
  • Developing  regular activities for youngsters in order for them to obtain competences necessary for personal and professional development.

B. Fighting stereotypes and exclusion based on socio-­‐economic conditions, ethnicity, or geographical position:

  • Developing socio-­‐educative opportunities for 50 children from poor, isolated rural communities;
  • Access to cultural and socio-­‐educative activities for 50 children from a Rroma school and putting the in contact with people from outside their community;
  • Facilitating active participation of youngsters from small and/ or isolated urban communities in non-formal education activities, putting in value their participation and improving their image in the community.

C. Increasing active participation of youngsters from rural and urban areas:

  • Encouraging youth involvement in community development;
  • Developing competences that could facilitate youth involvement in community development;
  • Promoting volunteering like an opportunity and a way to evolve – in general, and in particular the European Voluntary Service;

D. Developing environmental friendly attitudes:

  • Improving local communities environmental behavior;
  • Raising awareness regarding the importance of preserving natural, cultural and traditional values;
  • Raising awareness regarding the opportunities of using wisely these values.

E. Developing a rural-­‐urban partnership:

  • Organizing activities for children and youngsters from urban areas to discover natural and cultural values;
  • Involving youngsters from isolated urban communities in organizing events and activities that could promote natural and cultural resources of their communities;
  • Implementing events of interaction between rural and urban communities and promotional events close to different rural communities.


We are happy to offer you more details about the project:

Maria Găvăneci
Project Coordinator
Telefon: +40 786 071 726

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