PLAYRIDE project results

PLAYRIDE project took place in Brasov, Romania between 01.08.2013- 31.10.2014 and involved 5 volunteers from Lithuania, Czech Republic, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

The 5 volunteers (Milda from Lithuania, Kathrin from Germany, Michal from Czech Republic, Coen from the Netherlands and Simon from France) spent between the 01.09.2013-31.08.2014 their European Voluntary Service in Romania, at the host organization: Game Center Mirakolix.

The 5 volunteers explored rural areas and carried out an intercultural and eco-friendly program for local communities. They discovered during their explorations natural and cultural treasures (customs, traditions, ways of life, etc.) and promoted these treasures for others. How? Through organizing events or tours in the rural communities (Holbav, Floroaia) or in the small isolated urban communities (Săcele, Întorsura Buzăului).

Main project aims

  • to develop and valorise the cultural and natural resources from isolated rural areas;

  • to increase the active participation of young people from rural communities;

  • to facilitate the access of young people from rural, isolated areas to non-formal education opportunities;

  • to improve environmental behavior and preservation of natural resources.

Main activities & events

First period (September-March 2014) was based on exploring the areas near Brasov (especially isolated communities in Săcele, Floroaia Mica, Întorsura Buzăului, Barcani, Teliu, Holbav etc.) and developing different activities of non-formal education for the children and youngsters from those communities. Such activities were:

  • weekly activities for the 80 Rroma children from the School from Floroaia Mică, Întorsura Buzăului;
  • weekly activities in the school from Holbav Sat (75 children), and activities twice a month in the school from Holbav Deal (35 children living in poor economical conditions);
  • weekly activities with the youngsters from the orphanage No. 1 from Întorsura Buzăului;
  • weekly activities in the School No. 5 from Săcele, based on 2 directions

                 – alternative methods of teaching English

                 – promoting Rroma values and traditions through dancing and music

  • weekly activities for 10 teenagers from the Highschool „Nicolae Bălcescu” from Întorsura Buzăului.

In the last part of this period (December 2013-March 2014) the project activities concentrated on intercultural learning and there were organized different events such as:

  • interactive presentations of the home country of the volunteers for all the target groups;
  • The Celebration of Užgavėnės” (a Lithuanian confrontation between the winter and the spring) – in Floroaia Mică;

During all the project, the volunteers promoted an Eco-friendly and responsible attitude towards the environment through:

  • the eco-campaign “Eco-Play” - prepared for the youngsters from the orphanage in Întorsura Buzăului:.
  • Clean-up campaign with the help of the local from Întorsura Buzăului for preparing the upcoming festival „Ceva de Vară”;
  • Mira’kologic campaign realized by the volunteer Simon from France and promoted during different outdoor events.

In the second part of the project  (April – August 2014), the volunteers organized besides the activities in the schools and kindergartens different outoor events. Through those outdoor events they promoted playing and games as an effective and funny method of learning, as an alternative for free time and leisure activities, but also as an healthy and responsible behavior towards the environment. Some of the realized events were:

Other achievements of the project:

  • over 10000 hours of volunteering (local and international volunteers);

  • 5 personal projects:

SIMON: – International Rroma Day 2014- 9th of April, Săcele.

COEN: – 8hours overtime- 28th of March2014, Braşov.

KATHRIN: – Sketches with the children from Orphanage no. 1 from Întorsura Buzăului, performed during “Ceva de Vara” festival.

MICHAL:- Developing a bike route and organizing a mountain bike competition in frame of “Ceva de Vara” festival.

MILDA: collaboration in developing and implementing a huge Catan game for 1st of June in Holbav, Romania, played by 150 people.


Direct beneficiaries were the 5 international volunteers from Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, France and the Netherlands.

Beneficiaries of the activities:

  • 80 Rroma children for Floroaia Mica primary school, Intorsura Buzaului;

  • over 90 children from rural areas, from Holbav Sat and Holbav Deal villages;

  • 15 children and teenagers from the Orphange No.1 from Intorsura Buzaului;

  • over 20 teenagers from Intorsura Buzaului highschool;

  • over 50 Rroma children from Gymnasium School No. 5, Sacele;

  • over 50 local volunteers from Brasov and Intorsura Buzaului involved in organizing “Ceva de Vara” Festival;

  • 20 teachers from the schools involved in the project;

  • over 500 children and teenagers from Intorsura Buzaului and around, that participated in “Ceva de Vara” Festival.

PLAYRIDE project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects only the views of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of information contained herein.












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