Free Workshops : Use your body!

Use your body!

Did you ever want to start training your body? Or are you curious to make music with it?

Then we have got just the thing for you! During the last months we have hosted two workshops. The first one, Workin’ Out, is a weekly workshop that will continue next year. The other workshop, the Body Percussion workshop, has been very exciting and had its culmination in the flashmob on the main square on Tuesday the 16th of December. With this event we concluded the Body Percussion workshop, it will not continue in 2015. However next year we will host new and exciting workshops which you can attend whenever you want!

Find out more about the Workin’ Out and the Body Percussion below.

  • Workin’ Out

On Friday, the 19th of December at 17:00, we host the last “Workin’ out” workshop of this year. Just before we will all sit down at tasty Christmas Dinners we will work out one last time to start losing some kilos already. Don’t forget to bring some comfortable clothing. The next year we will continue this “Workin’ out” workshop.

Has the soreness in your muscles somewhat disappeared and do you feel like “Workin’ out” some more? We continued our workshop on the 12th of December. We pushed our bodies and our minds again to improve our bodies’ capabilities. Starting that day, we implemented for the first time a score sheet on which you can keep track of your improvement. By the way the workshop will not become boring to you because we change the routine every week so there is enough diversity to target all our bodies’ muscle groups.

After our first meeting on the 28th of November we continued our training method on the 5th of December. It was “Workin’ out” time again, when we learnt more about our bodies’ capabilities while having a lot of fun. The workshop is based on bodyweight exercises such as Prasara yoga and calisthenics.  Being divided into four levels it is perfect for both beginners and more advanced training enthusiasts. Everybody is more than welcome to join us and starting to become master of your body.

On the 28th of November we started with the “Workin’ out”. This workshop is all about training in a different way. During the sessions we will use a method based on two principles functionality and only body weight exercises. Because there are several difficulty levels everybody can join and work out in his or her own pace. The goal is eventually to become fitter, more flexible and because we target neglected muscle groups you will also be in more control over your whole body!

  • Body Percussion

Finally, on the 16th of December, we were able to show Brasov what we learned the last weeks and we implemented the “Mirakolix’ Body Percussion Orchestra”. We were able to attract people on the main square and draw attention. Because of this attention we were able to promote Mirakolix and our projects. Hopefully we will see the people we have met during this fun and engaging event. We ended this workshop with the body percussion flashmob.   

On the 9th of December we rehearsed our “Body Percussion” routine some more. Last time we had a lot of fun but the routine proved to be more difficult than we originally thought. Moreover we came up with the idea of doing a flashmob on the 16th of December to attract attention to Mirakolix and our projects! If you feel up to the challenge, join our body percussion orchestra and become part of a flashmob!

Starting on the 27th of November we, the Inside Journey Project, hosted the “Mirakolix’ Body Percussion Orchestra”. During this workshop taking place every Tuesday at 16:30 we’ve together learnt how to make music by using only our bodies. Body percussion describes the way of clapping on your body and stamping. You can create great rhythms, sounds and learn how to coordinate your movements. By attending this workshop you learn how to make music in a group this entails that you will have to work together and observe the actions of others. This makes you more attentive to your own actions and those of others.

Interested? Then join us on:

Body orchestra: every Tuesday of December 2014, 16:30h, Str. Constantin Brancoveanu Nr. 29, Ap. 1

Workin’ out: every Friday of December 2014, 17:00, Str. Constantin Brancoveanu Nr. 29, Ap. 1, bring sporting clothes!

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