Workin’ out 2014

It is starting to snow and it is getting cold but you still want to be sportive?

We, the Inside Journey Project, have got the perfect solution for you!

Every Friday at 17h we invite you to the workshop “Workin ‘out’ in which you can learn how to train your body. The workshop is based on various yoga exercises and calisthenics PRASARITA. Being divided into 4 levels this workshop is ideal both for beginners and those more advanced.

Upcoming Friday, the 19th of December at 17:00, we will host the last “Workin’ out n.4” workshop of this year. Just before we will all sit down at tasty Christmas Dinners we will work out one last time to start losing some kilos already. Don’t forget to bring some comfortable clothing. The next year we will continue this “Workin’ out” workshop.

Has the soreness in your muscles somewhat dissapeared and do you feel like “Workin’ out n.3” some more? We will continue our workshop on the 12th of December. We will push our bodies and our minds again to improve bodies capabilities. From today we will implement for the first time a score sheat on which you can keep track of your improvement. By the way the workshop will not become boring to you because we change the routine every week so there is enough diversity to target all our bodies’ muscle groups.

After our first meeting last week we continued our training method on the 5th of December. It is  “Workin’ out n.2” time again. We will learn more about our bodies’ capabilities while having a lot of fun. The workshop is based on bodyweight exercises such as Prasara yoga and calisthenics.  Being divided into four levels it is perfect for both beginners and more advanced training enthusiasts. Everybody is more than welcome to join us and starting to become master of your body.

The next day on the 28th of November we will start with the “Workin’ out”. This workshop is all about training in a different way. During the sessions we will use a method based on two principles functionallity and only body weight excersises. Because there are several difficulty levels everybody can join and work out in his or her own pace. The goal is eventually to become more fit, flexible and because we target neglected muscle groups you will also be in more control over your body!

You will never get bored because we use different techniques and exercises every time.

Do not forget to bring your sports clothes and let’s have fun together!

See you every Friday at 17:00 Strada Constantin Brancoveanu, Nr. 29 Ap. 1

Below you can find a gallery of pictures taken so far!

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