Wannabe an Europanair?

Vrei să fii Europanar? Who doesn’t?! At the start of decembrie we enriched ourselves with funny – and useful! – facts about Europe. Did you know that most of the European Union capital cities start with the B, or that Constanţa is one of the oldest cities? Or that giving a gift in Germany is nothing to be happy about at all, as it means poison? Or that the Palatal Parlamentului in Bucharest is not only the world’s biggest civilian building but also the heaviest one?

Struggling with the questions, stunned about the answers, enjoying the energizers in between… Three hardworking teams did a good job, all eager to fulfill the task: create a sentence of the letters they received for every right answer. In the end they found out that this sentence was the same for all the teams, but written in different languages. Thus in Romanian, German, and English they discovered that ‘one language is never enough’. By this the diversity of our roots is stressed, but also our ability to communicate with each other which results in being connected. And of course all the players were rewarded by our homemade hot apple juice and oat flakes cookies.

We as Inside Ride project group were happy to host this event. It gave us the opportunity to also be active in Braşov and we are looking forward to give more! After our holidays we will happily welcome you again to our Mirakolix office to provide you with more amazing events and activities, see you in 2015!

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