Nocturna cu pălărie by Mirakolix and incubator107 Brasov

Back in business! incubator107 kicks off again in Brasov with a Noctuna organized by Mirakolix volunteers.

On the 8th of May, at 18:30, in Casa de Cultura a Studentilor, we will start Nocturna cu Pălărie, an event full of positive energy, interactive activities, good music and lots of friends. Several workshops are proposed for this edition:  spanish cooking, accoustic session, body percussion, Baltic party, painting /drawing, re-using clothes, wine connoisseur. Meanwhile you could enjoy others activities as board games sessions, interactive games or just talk, meet new people and enjoy in a friendly atmosphere !! After midnight we start the music as well, and we will dance and sing together with Bloombox!

Our guests bring some of their favorite food, go through different experiences, enjoy the workshops’ teasers, try out all the games and enjoy all the good atmosphere around. Dress code: o funky, crazy, classic or hipster hat. Any hat you think it represents you and can transform you in a character for few hours. Our photographer will be ready to catch the moment!

The project works with the donations we receive from our ‘learners’ , divided between the workshop facilitators, materials for the workshops and incubator107 team. The entrance fee for Nocturna is 10 Ron.

To remind you about the Incubator concept : everybody can attend attend the workshop of his/ her choice and  everybody can be also the Master of that he/ she wants to teach to others. So if you have passion, skills you would like to teach and share, you can contact us at or to submit your idea.  incubator107 is a project of Macaz association from Bucuresti, which was later spread around the country. In Brasov it exists from 2013, and now, after one year break, Mirakolix and incubator107 will work together to restart the project, with the help of the international volunteers hosted by Mirakolix in frame of Reshape Urban Places project, funded by the European Commission, through Erasmus+, European Volunteering Service.

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