Make a bird-feeder (2)!

Make a bird-feeder form the old milk or juice package you would throw away. This is one of the easiest ways how to make a DIY* bird-feeder.

You need:

  • A milk or juice package
  • Scissors
  • A knife or a nail
  • A marker
  • A string
  • Different kinds of seeds (oat-flakes, sesame seeds, linseeds, sunflower seeds, also a mixture of bird-food you can buy in a supermarket is suitable)


1)Find an empty milk/juice package (with a cap). Wash the package. Be sure that the package is clean. Dry it.


2)Take a marker and draw lines that you will cut later. Do not draw holes too close to the end of the package otherwise you will not be able to put seeds there. You can use different patterns. Just remember – make and cut similar holes for both opposite sides of the package (so you can see through). Birds might be afraid to feed if the package has nlu one hole.

3)Punch 2 holes in the top of the package. Use both opposite sides for making the holes. Be precise and make the holes evenly. Then tie a string thgrough the holes.


4)Pour seeds into the pckage and mix.


Do not forget to put the cap on. This will save the feeder from getting wet if it’s raining.

Your bird feeder is ready!

Now hang in in a tree!


Important notes

-This will require adults’ help with hole-cutting!


-If you want to decorate your bird feeder, prefer dark, not bright colours. Birds might be afraid from, for example, bright red feeder.

*DIY – do it yourself

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