Şezătoare urbană new session !

Hi everybody ! After a december of Şezătoare urbană we will continue to organize workshops for you !

We keep the same concept, Şezătoare urbană, to busy you during this long and cold winter ! We already progam three for this month of January ! Every thursday around 16.30 as usual. To keep in touch you can also check our events pages on facebook !


On the 15th : International Cooking ! We learnt how to cook those famous and delicious italians gnocchi with tomatoes / cheese salad and in dessert a nice chocolate pudding !

SAM_0116 SAM_0129 SAM_0137 SAM_0151


On the 22nd and 29th : buildings tables from old pallets : We will finish this work soon and you will enjoy our new furnitures !

SAM_0181 SAM_0183 SAM_0192


Next month we will keep going with Sezatoare ! Learning new dishes, new technics for bracelets, making furnitures to work out with Mirco ! Check us on Facebook !


Welcome to come !

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