“Planeta Mulţumesc” (“Thank you” Planet)

“Planeta Mulţumesc”  is a series of activities developed by the Spanish EVS volunteer, Maria, in frame of “Science Playgrounds” project. The activities were implemented during the “Tolerance month” organized for the kindergarten children in Floroaia Mica school, Intorsura Buzaului.

Description of the activities

We meet a strange character who is coming from Mulțumesc Planet.  He explains that he is lost in Intorsura and his spacecraft is broken and lost. He has asked a lot of people for some help to fix it, but everybody says NO!! And he arrives in that school, looking for some help. Let’s hope that the kids will be motivated to help him!

First week activities

We will do like a kind of training to get the abilities for finding the spacecraft.

Emotions: At first he is SAD because nobody wants to help him, and then he is HAPPY because he has found some help.

At the end of the day, after all the activities, we will find a small spacecraft and we will keep it until next week to check if it’s working or not.


First will appear this character from Multumesc Planet and will explain what happened to him. He/she will explain that it could be nice to try to find the spacecraft but before we have to be ready and we have to make one special training in order to be able to find what we’re searching.


  • Ball raise: we will divide the kids in two groups, they will sit doing a line and we will give a ball to the first one. This one has to give the ball to the second one above his head.And the second one to the third…and the first team who do it faster until the end of the line will win. Then we can do it stand up and below the legs.

  • Cat and Dog: we will divide the kids in two groups (cats and dogs) and they will make two lines, looking in opposites ways. When we shout “Cat!” the cats have to run until when we decided before and the dogs have to go after the cats. We can make all the rounds that we consider, depending on the time and how long it takes for them to get the game.

  • Find the Spacecraft: now we are really ready to look for the spacecraft and to find it!!! We well look around and we’ll find it hided somewhere.

Week 2

Today we will try to check if the spacecraft is working or not. We will see that is not working, so we will try to fix it!

Emotions: At first he is SAD because the spacecraft is broken, and then he is HAPPY because the kids want to help him.

At the end of the day, after all activities, we will keep the spacecraft again in the school for the next week.


First will appear this character from Multumesc Planet and will remember what happened last week. We will try to start the spacecraft and we will see that it’s not working. So, we have to help him to fix it in order to be able to come back to Multumesc Planet.

  • Let’s imagine Multumesc Planet: we will tell them the first step is that the spacecraft has to know where it has to go, so that’s why we have to paint the Multumesc Planet (they have to imagine it). We will give them papers and colors. When they finish , the radar is fixed.

  • Find the pieces: first, we have to prepare the blanket in the floor with all the objects under it. We will divide the kids in four groups and they will make two lines, as it was a raise. So, they run to go to the blanket, go under it and pick just one object that is below the blanket. Just one. They have to come back and clap the hands with the next partner and he/she will be able to do the same. When we finished all the pieces, we will introduce it into the spacecraft one by one.

  • Let’s shout Multumesc!!: the last step is make the spacecraft now that we want to go there, we have to shout the place! So, with the drawings that we made, everyone will take himself or herself. The point is that we will divide the kids in two groups and they will stand in a line. First, one group will run to the other group with the drawings and they will give to the other children in front of them the paper. Here, we have to shout MULTUMESC! Then, these kids will come back to their place and the kids that received a drawing will give now his or her paintings. And they will do the same. If there is time enough, we can just switch the pairs and repeat the same.


“Science Playgrounds” project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects only the views of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of information contained herein.





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