Exploration in Playride Project

Exploration was an important and big part of our project for a long time. It was for finding out a lot of things about the area, the small villages around Brasov and Intorsura Buzaului and its traditions, in order to be able to create the route we plan to do. We saw very different communities; Romanian, Hungarian and Gypsy; met a lot of different and very nice people, saw a lot of nice places and found some places where we could have workshops regarding baking bread, cooking Mamaliga or seeing how the corn flour (Malai) is made. We found people who can help us with our festival in the end of the project, which we are planning to promote our work here, to make the local community more active and to bring different people together. We saw beautiful nature, great monasteries, an ancient watermill, some already made trails in the mountains, got to know shepherds and people that are going with horses in the mountains. We learnt about festivals and traditions in the villages, about dancing groups and other activities. We also started to work in some communities and therefore got to know the community better and really hope that the people are willing to help us later on also.

All in all really we got great contacts, saw many nice places and we think we can put all this together in a nice route for tourists and people from the cities.

(Coen, Milda, Michal, Kathy, Simon, Kristine, MAria)

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