„Playride” Project

Playride project – a new European Voluntary Service project

The association „Centrul de jocuri Mirakolix” is coordinating the project „Playride” financed by the European Comission through the Program Youth in Action, Action 2 – European Voluntary Service.

Duration of the project:  01st of August 2013 – 31th of October 2014

Duration of the volunteering stage: 01st of September 2013 – 31th of August 2014

Venue: Brașov

Sending organizations:

  • Bureau Information Jeunesse (BIJ) – France
  • Experiment e.V. – Germany
  • NGO Social Action – Lithuania
  • Stichting Jongerenwerk.nl – The Netherlands
  • INEX-SDA – Czech Republik



The Mirakolix’ section from Brașov is coordinating and hosting 5 EVS volunteers to work with our members, local volunteers and youth workers for 12 months to explore rural areas (RIDE) and carry out an intercultural and eco-friendly program for the local communities (PLAY).

The main goal of the project is to promote responsible outdoor recreational activities through in- and outdoor games, in particular, and different non-formal education methods, in general, and to increase recreational activities for children and youngsters from marginalized or isolated rural communitites.

Volunteers will discover on their exploration routes natural and cultural treasures (customs, traditions, way of life etc.) and will promote this treasures for others (e.g. through organizing events or tours regarding the trail or events located in the rural communities which are part of the trail). The volunteers will develop activities for children and youth in order to increase their awareness about the importance of clean and healthy environment and of everyone’s involvement in cleaning and keeping natural areas clean and healthy.

Through the different exploration tours, the volunteers will discover the habits, preferences and needs of local communities. So they will be able to develop specific activities based on their personal interests and the identified community needs (e.g. activities during school holidays, language lessons, board-game events, sport activities, book or film presentations, etc.).



Combining the needs of the rural communities, of CJM and of the EVS volunteers, Playride porjects tries to contribute to responsible outdoor education through:

-      creating multifunctional ecological routes (eg. For bikes, motorbikes, hiking, tracks for parents and children);

-      diversification of free time opportunities, with attention to the natural and cultural values of the region;

-      organizing information sessions and workshops for the local community in order for them to achieve some necessary competences needed for obtaining some revenues from the routes created.

-      Organizing some promotion events of the natural and cultural values from the routes.


150 children between 5-10 from isolated rural communities

50 parents from the isolated rural communities

30 teachers from rural schools

100 youngsters from urban and rural area


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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