Viscol Perfomance by Egle !

Strong wind and something light flying there.
Children sliding down the hill.
Snow fight in the woods.
Wind gets stronger andthere is more and more snow all around


After some weeks of training and rehearsal, this contempory dance perfomance about blizzard takes on the 14th of February, in Laborazon Maker Space. European volunteers and Mirakolix ‘s friends perfom !

10940987_965250773492580_6378307137546506060_n 10955734_965250770159247_7482483538319542668_n

On the D-day, despite of the stress of Eglé, between fifty and sixty came to attend to this perfomance. Not just youngsters or hipsters students but also people of all ages. All the volunteers of Mirakolix are thankful for your participation. The atmosphere was particulary nice and warm.

10994231_794246880649468_4183568308702031547_o 1498974_794247607316062_5696569710252312297_o


We will try to create new perfomances like during the six next months so if you are interested in dance, in theater, in music or making videos you can contact or visit us in Mirakolix !!

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