My EVS – Maria (Barcelona)

I had been living in Romania during my EVS and the first days of September I came back home. It’s
such a mystery how the time flies…My project is called “Science Playground” and seeks promoting science
through non formal education in the villages and small communities in the center of Romania, near
Brasov. Lasts for 7 months. My project colleague is a danish girl, with whom have been doing experiments,
workshops and games in order to make the science fun for kids and youngsters.
Romania taught me more than expected, is an amazing and curious land, with a wonderful nature
and with really kind people. It also can be really chaotic. I have been living with 7 people from different
countries (from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania) in a flat (actually
three, we changed it often) and I’ve realized about everyone’s manners, sometimes strange for me. For
me, EVS meant knowing myself better in a different situations. Also discover really amazing places and live
all kind of adventures (Romania is the best place), wish not stop traveling in my whole life and make really
good friends in Europe.A really incredible experience that I would repeat right now!


Maria Frias Corius took part in the Science Playgrounds project, which aim was to bring science closer to children and youngsters. The 2 EVS volunteers involved in the project developed and implemented different in- and outdoor playful workshops, experiments and non-formal activities in order to initiate children and teenagers from rural and small urban communities in the fascinating world of science. They worked mainly in schools from rural areas, with children from isolated or discriminated communities, but also in poor urban areas in order to diversify the opportunities for leisure activities.
The volunteers were also involved in organizing different games events, such as games afternoons in the park or board games evenings in a café, as well as in developing and implementing their own initiatives: like a big Catan event in a small, isolated village or a kite workshop initiated in the frame of a one-day summer festival that we organized together with other EVS volunteers and local volunteers from Brasov and surrounding communities.
Besides this, the project was a great learning experience for the 2 EVS volunteers involved.


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