Our route

The “route” is something we are creating, so it is not a fixed result. We have two areas of villages, one around Intorsura Buzaului, Covasna and one around Sacele, Brasov, where we are creating these routes. It could be possible that we are connecting the villages through the mountains/ hills with Mountainbike-/ hikingtrails or just indicate ways on the road where people could also go with bicycles or cars, so that people can choose where they want to go to. We are putting all the information we find about the area on a website (shifthappens.nl/playride) for people from the city or also tourists. In these villages we try to find points of interest, like nice places in the nature, monasteries, places where people could see and experience traditions of the countryside, like bakeries where they can go to bake traditional bread or people who are doing handmade things at home and are willing to let them in and show them something. Also we try to find out about festivals and events happening in the communities, about legends and anything what could be of interest for people who are not from the countryside.


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