Game board evening in Întorsura Buzăului

Board game evening in Întorsura Buzăului

One evening together with the local people from Întorsura Buzăului playing new and interesting games in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere at the 21st of March.

We finally had a chance to arrange and have our first board game evening in Întorsura Buzăului at the bar Montana. All of us had prepared for at least one game each, which gave us the possibility to play 7 different games and the guests more than enough games to choose from.

All in all a lot of people came and it become a nice evening where we got to play a lot of different and funny games together with them. The whole night ended with playing Mafia together with everybody at the same time. A game that turned out to be one of the best of the whole evening and it seemed like everybody had a really good time, both guests and volunteers.  Hopefully we can make it until at monthly event.


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