Intercultural Christmas Evening

We are 6 volunteers from 6 different countries- Spain, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic- who want to share their culture with Romanian people while spending one year in Brasov, Romania. Therefore we organized an intercultural evening for Christmas to share our traditions and food, to sing together and just to have a nice evening with different people. We had interactive presentations about the Spanish/ Catalan tradition to hit a wooden figure until it shits candies, French Christmas songs, how Czechs are decorating cookies, Lithuanian spells about for example how to find out if you will get married in the next year, how the German celebrate the time before Christmas with the four candles of the “Adventskranz” and the crazy habit of the Dutch people to let milk churns explode. The evening was a real success, the Tea House “Ceai et cetera” was more then full and the people stayed longer to talk to us more.

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