Egle Udraite – Lituania

The main reason for me to do volunteering was to live for a year in the other country. I was after my university studies, I felt, that it is the time to go to unknown country and face there whatever is going to be there. I thought – adventure is coming. And indeed, it had the full setting for adventure motion: completely new place for me– Romania, Brasov, about 2000 km away from my home-town; the hosting organizations – MIRAKOLIX, where our projects were completely open to contribute ideas; I had the feeling, for all 11 months, that I am so incredibly bad at remembering the names of new people… this feeling was because I was meeting new people almost every day.

Since, I came to Romania; I couldn’t stop wondering. Firstly, about the group of volunteers with whom I lived and worked. New fellows were from different countries, with various experiences to share and stories to tell. So that was already everyday learning process. Secondly, the big wondering was coming after traveling around Romania – it is so beautiful and diverse country. With its friendly people, various landscape, rich culture. Thirdly, the EVS opportunity itself let me to understand that there is a possibility to realize ideas that I have in mind and those ideas are worth to realize. Only if I really want it. Before I came here I was feeling aware about who I am and what do I want, but after experience in Romania, I have to admit, that I had to learn many things about my own way of being, how I see things, how do I work, how I react. To say things in 1 sentence, this year was fool of learning everyday about various topics, because that was very different surrounding from the one I was used before.



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