Un Weekend Diferit

Spring is here! We can feel it in the air. And we want to enjoy every bit of the spring. How to do that? Oh, it’s quite easy – we just have to go outside in the sunlight.

But before doing that we spent some nice time inside. On the 24th of April Inside Ride group packed their bags to go to Intorsura Buzaului. They took many heavy boxes with them. You wonder what was inside those boxes? We’ll tell you – there were many board games which helped people to take on different roles during the evening. We were hosting a board games evening in Montana bar (known also as La Chinezu).

It was awesome to spend four and a half hours playing, explaining, talking and just having fun. We played Snapshot, Om Nom Nom, Mamma Mia, Saboteur, Quixo, Mastermind, Dixit and other games. There were many familiar faces and also few new ones. There were not only youngsters but also other age groups. Big thanks to everyone who came!

But now let’s get to the sunlight part. Next morning (25th of April) we met some people in front of Mircea Eliade. Many faces we had already seen the previous evening La Chinezu but now few other people had joined. We were 21 altogether. You wonder why these 21 people were gathering at certain time and place? It’s because we were going on a hiking trip.

Yuki (one of the youngsters) had suggested a nice hiking route for us and also offered a place in her garden to make a campfire. So, we were discovering Floraia Mare sunny hills. The view was so still and beautiful there. At some moment we hid ourselves from the sun and sat down under a big tree just to use a bit of our senses to be fully aware of the beauty of nature.

On the way everybody were doing some nice tasks – like hugging some trees, learning new words in different languages, expressing excitmenet for beauty of nature, saying compliments and so on. We had also some tasks that made us move our bodies and minds!

On the way back to Yuki’s garden we collected some branches for a campfire and then we could finally sit down to eat together. In the end we discovered that the whole event took seven full hours! Amazing how time runs.

We want to do it again!

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