Make a bird-feeder!

Make a bird-feeder form the toilet paper rolls you would throw away.

You need:

  • A toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • A nail or a knife
  • A string
  • Different kind of seeds (oat-flakes, sesame seeds, linseeds, sunflower seeds, also a mixture of bird food you can buy in a supermarket is suitable)
  • Two wooden sticks (each 10-15 cm long)
  • An egg, sugar and a bowl for “the glue”
  • A brush for applying the glue



1) Make holes in the carton roll. Punch 4 holes in one end of the roll for fixing the wooden sticks in. Try to make holes evenly but make one pair a bit higher than another. Then the wooden sticks can be pushed through without issue.


Then punch 2 holes in other end of the roll. Make the holes evenly. You will use this for tying the string.


2)Pour out the seeds and mix! Make even layer from seeds on a surface.

3)Make the glue! Mix an egg and a lot of sugar till you have homogeneous consistency. Apply the glue on the roll using a brush.


4)Roll the paper roll trough the layer of seeds. Seeds will stick with the paper roll. Do it carefully plus help with fingers if seeds fall down. Be careful not to cover the holes at the both ends! You will need those!


5)Fix the wooden sticks into each hole (at the end where you have 4 holes). Centre each stick. The sticks should stick out enough for birds to perch on them. Push the sticks in gently, otherwise you will rip the holes and these will get too loose! Tie also the string on the other end of the paper roll. Your bird feeder is ready!



Now hang it in a tree!


Important notes

This will require adults’ help with hole-making and glue-making!


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