Board games evening – Seara de Jocuri

On the 19th of December Mirakolix invites you to a board games evening. Let’s gather at our lovely place for the last time before we all go on our Christmas holidays! In our board games evenings you can not only play games like Zug um Zug, Catan, Carcassonne, Mastermind and a lot of others, but also get to know great people and taste delicious cookies.

Since the beginning of October we have already had two board games evenings at our place. The first one was on 10th of October which happened to be on the Non-formal Education Day. We spent a busy evening playing not only board games but also few international games and plays like „Nail Pooper” (The Netherlands) or „Blind Chicken” (Lithuania). If you want to know more about these national games you can check our Resources page

The other games evening happened on 7th of November and had a lots and lots of guests. Again, we played some introduction games and coordination games. And only after we had gotten to know each other a little bit we sat down at tables to play board games.

We really enjoy spending time together with our guests playing games and plays, chatting and tasting the cookies. So, see you at Mirakolix place  (Str. Constantin Brancoveanu, 29 – Ap.1, Brasov) on the 19th of December at 19:00, right?

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