Mirakolix Body Percussion Orchestra

Did you ever wanted to make music but you did not have any instruments?

Try using your body!


During our body percussion workshop we had the chance to learn how to make music by just using your bodies and we created a flashmob on the 16th of December in the main square to promote our organisation Mirakolix and our activities!

Look below to get an impression and find out more about the body percussion workshop.

Start using your body to make MUSIC!

Body percussion describes the way of clapping on your body and stamping. You can create great rhythms, sounds and learn how to coordinate your movements.  This makes you more attentive to your own actions and those of others.

Starting on the 27th of November we, the Inside Journey Project, hosted the first “Mirakolix’ Body Percussion Orchestra”. During this workshop taking place afterwards every Tuesday of December at 16:30h we learnt together how to make music in a group by using only our bodies, while working together and observing the actions of others.

On the 9th of December we rehearsed our “Body Percussion routine some more. Last time we had had a lot of fun and most of us started to get the steps, but the routine proved to be more difficult than we originally thought.  Although we needed to be concentrated, we realized that it is in itself not that difficult, so we came up with the idea of doing a flashmob on the 16th of December to attract attention to Mirakolix and our projects!

Finally, on the 16th of December,  we were able to show Brasov what we learned the last weeks and we implemented the “Flashmob of Mirakolix’ Body Percussion Orchestra”. We were able to attract some people on the main square and draw some attention. Because of this attention we were able to promote Mirakolix and our projects. Hopefully we will see the people we have met during this fun and engaging event. We ended this workshop with the body percussion flashmob.   

Body orchestra: every Tuesday of December 2014, 16:30h, Str. Constantin Brancoveanu Nr. 29, Ap. 1


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