Simon Phelep – Franța


My name is Simon and I´m from France. I´m a 20 years old volunteer in Mirakolix Brasov.

I chose to do an EVS because I didn´t know what to do…I made 2 years of University in Environmental protection, I also play music a lot and I really couldn´t choose. What is sure is that for 4 years I wanted to come to Romania because I´m a gypsy-music passionate.

This EVS is for me a godd opportunity to discover something else, working with children in an ONG in a foreign country but also a time to see what is important for me, to find what I want to do after by developing what I truly love MUSIC.

This experience in Romania provides me also time to explore the gypsy communitites and to understand and learn from them.

In every moment you can learn during an EVS, even the simplest thing: working and living with four other crazy volunteers, coming from other European countries, in the same flat and on the same project. For sure you will improve your English…but also your German, Czech, Lithuanian or even Dutch…

This is all for me, until next post!

Don´t forget: Keep MooOooving!



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