Milda Kaklauskaitė – Lituania

I am a Lithuanian girl, whose name is Milda. I am 23 years old (this is the very right time to do something extraordinary). What about me? I am from small town in the eastern part of Lithuania, surounded by the beautiful lakes, elegant lakes and dark forests. After finishing school I went to Vilnius University to study political science and international relations. Last year, I have finished by bachelor studies. When everything was coming to an end, I realized that a big space is opening in front of me – what to do next? To study master immediately? No. Go to volunteer? Yes.

And here I am… in Romania, in the middle of Transilvania. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know a lot about Romania before coming  here, eventhough geographicaly and partly historicaly we are close to each other. This feeling of obscurity encouraged me to apply for a project  in this country.  I was shocked and fascinated at the same time by the contrasts one can find in this country. Everyday, there is something new to dicover. I am keen on doing this.


With all the best,

Milda Kaklauskaitė


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